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    Other articles
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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    A journey to the USSR - CCCP T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    What do you remember about the USSR? OK, probably this is the wrong question.
    Ukrainian T-shirt — pick the best one Topic: Other articles
    If 4-5 years ago you asked people what they knew about Ukraine, you used to get back only strange looks (a rare one could give you some info concerning this land), today only those guys, who never watch TV and stay away from Internet have no knowledge about this stunning country.
    The coolest Russian T-shirts for all Topic: Other articles
    What do you know about Russians? Probably, some of guys are still sure that this cold country is always associated with vodka, bears, balalaika and “matreshka”. Oh, of course this century has made some changes in this list — now Putin is the #1 symbol of the country.
    Cool Poker T-shirt for tough guys only Topic: Other articles
    Do you associate yourself with Poker fans? Probably, you adore spending Fridays and Saturdays with your buddies, playing cards and betting? Does Fortune love you as much as you do really wish it or at least you try to get from this life something more than you have?
    Leningrad Band T-shirt ― always in trend Topic: Other articles
    Russian band Leningrad has been extremely popular not only in Russian and former USSR republics. Its frontman Sergei Shnurov was recently called the person who earns the greatest amounts of money in show-business.
    Russian Army T-shirt for tough guys Topic: Other articles
    Everybody wear T-shirts, thus no one pays attention on his neighbor or a colleague in this practical and comfortable clothes. However, put on some stylish Russian Army T-shirt.
    The coolest Kalashnikov T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    Everybody, who wears authentic Kalashnikov T-shirt, bought it as he knows the amazing history of the gun which image is printed on the clothes. Kalashnikov is perhaps most famous weapons’ designer of all time.
    Why we wear Viktor Tsoi T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    Probably everyone who has or intends to acquire Viktor Tsoi T-shirt, is already well familiar with the songs and biography of the legend of Russian rock. Let us recall together a curious and little-known aspects of his life.
    For tough guys only - Russian Spetsnaz T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    In armed forces, nothing strikes and amazes you more than “Spetsnaz” – special purpose elite detachments of Russia. This group of troops consists only for the best of the best trained Army soldiers and officers.
    Sukhoi T-shirt - the best stuff for tough guys Topic: Other articles
    Fans of Russian aviation and simply persons with a quite bizarre look at fashion can be happy – today any genuine Sukhoi T-shirt can be yours!
    Stay original - wear an Aeroflot T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    ove everything unusual and have your own viewpoint concerting the clothes style?
    Viktor Tsoi T-shirt - for a real rebel Topic: Other articles
    When you visit Russia, and especially its capitals – political (Moscow) and cultural (St Petersburg), you will definitely meet on the street people wearing Viktor Tsoi T-shirts.
    Upscale Spetsnaz Russian T-shirt for the coolest guys Topic: Other articles
    If you see your buddy wears an upscale Spetsnaz Russian T-shirt, you might think he is really crazy about Russians. “Isn’t it odd when Russia today is under severe sanctions?” – these can be your thoughts. Meanwhile, it never matters that you support Mr. Putin or sympathize his opponents.
    VDV Russian T-shirt for really brave guys Topic: Other articles
    Those who saw how Russians celebrate the Day of Airborne Troops, mentioned that each toughest guy wears this day a VDV Russian T-shirt. Russians call these special clothes with white and blue strips “telnyashka”. This cold country with many odd traditions even has a special Day of Telnyashka!
    What Leningrad russian rock group T-shirt means Topic: Other articles
    Be ready for the fact that wearing the Leningrad russian rock group T-shirt represents you as the member of community with special life attitude. It tells about your personal inner freedom despite the pressure of the surrounding reality.
    You look different: the coolest Russian T-Shirt Topic: Other articles
    Economically Russia is almost banned: how to deal with“Eastern” people when you are under sanctions? However, when something or somebody is officially prohibited, the strange things always happen.
    Why do we advise to pay attention to Russian T-shirts? Topic: Other articles
    There is no garment in the world which is as popular as a T-shirt. This kind of clothes is so convenient, that it is worn always and everywhere, by people of absolutely different ages, constitution and position.
    Funny Russian T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    In this day and age it is very important for people at all age to dress decently. And that is why time after time we all want to have some extraordinary clothes to wear, to be unique and simultaneously appear cool.
    Russian Army T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    T-shirt is a very important attribute in the wardrobe of any person. Even military service is not complete without it. T-shirt of high quality made of water-repellent fabric - an urgent need not only for fishing, hunting and hiking, but also for everyday life.
    Does Arnold Schwarzenegger wear Crimea t shirt? Topic: Other articles
    As a result of recent political developments, the Crimea became known throughout the world not only as a peninsula resort, it has become a real arena where a clash of two opposing ideologies. There no bloody battles in Crimea, like in the East of Ukraine, however, people from different parts of the ...
    What to choose: traditional embroidered shirt or ukrainian t shi Topic: Other articles
    Embroidered shirt has long been a traditional garment of Ukrainians. Nowadays, traditional clothes not lost its popularity, but on the contrary, there is a certain wave of increased interest to the Ukrainian national symbols in general.
    Putin t shirt for extraordinary individuals Topic: Other articles
    Stylists and image makers just have to be aware of current trends in the choice of clothes and the ability to present you. It is for this reason, it makes sense to listen to their advice.
    Russian go home t shirt for progressively minded people Topic: Other articles
    Russian go home t shirt is an actual way to express their civic stance and attitude to current political events in the world. Inscription on it in any way is not a racist slogan or trying to offend anyone on a national basis.
    Sickle and hammer t shirt and other antiques Topic: Other articles
    I once bought a used car. It was late autumn, on the street bad weather, a little wet snow and ice of course. Return to work on car, and as it usually happens - if the day is in the morning failed, expect trouble to the end - in the sluggish traffic on the bridge
    Russian Clothing generation Topic: Other articles
    Are you tired of monotonous and boring clothes from well-known brands? Welcome to the world cccp t-shirt! We fully understand and support your desire to look very unusual and draw attention to yourself, so filled virtual showcase our online shop with range of related products
    Girls wear Sibir Novosibirsk Hockey Club T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    Do you know why I like to live in the 21st century? Well, it’s because, at least, the modern woman can safely wear T-shirts with skulls and bones, different frivolous and ambiguous labels and relevant drawings, with a young, pretty ladies no one would dare blame a lack of femininity.
    Naval Infantry T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    Naval Infantry T-shirt – is yet another great Russian army t-shirt that will help you look great any time you wear it. There’s no doubt that soldiers and army people look great as they are and it’s hard to compete with them.
    VDV T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    When you feel like the world is going to end and there’s nothing you want or need to do, not even get up from your bed, the VDV T-shirt might help you get back on your feet. And not only on your feet, but in the best shape you and your body ever had.
    Dragunov Sniper Rifle T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    This Dragunov Sniper Rifle T-shirt could become the face of your unique style and help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. Now it seems almost impossible these days to find some clothes that no one else has and wears
    FSB T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    FSB T-shirt may be the best present for any ex spy or intelligence agent out there. If you don’t have such people among your friends that’s ok too, you can always buy this one for yourself. But you may want to know the scary story of the most powerful and invincible Russian security service that eve...
    Displaying 1 to 30 (of 64 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>]