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     All will be good Funny Russian T-shirt in white
    All will be good Funny Russian T-shirt in white
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     I want to go Fishing Funny Russian T-shirt in white
    I want to go Fishing Funny Russian T-shirt in white
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     My Girlfriend is Russian Cool T-shirt in red
    OMG!!! Absolutely gorgeous....jus-
    t as pictured. Love it..... ..

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    Funny T-shirts Story
    Any funny story with your t-shirts.
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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    Spartak Moscow Hockey Club T-shirts parade Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Me and my classmates were lucky to take part in the sports parade. There was required of us to pass by a beautiful line-up, holding a huge diamond. Within this diamond were going eight strong guys and carried on their shoulders the wooden shield, also in the form of diamond.
    Where is CSKA Hockey Club T-shirt? Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    One day my girlfriend went for a picnic in the company of friends, among whom was a young man, recently visited one grand sporting event. In memory of this legendary event he acquired CSKA Hockey Club T-shirt.
    Avangard Omsk Hockey Club T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I am an avid fan, I like to play the sweepstakes and to entertain friends with beer at the bar for honest money won, where I immediately recognized by Avangard Omsk Hockey Club T-shirt.
    Spetsnaz VDV T-shirt to meet Russian squadron Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Оne fine day I made a bet with a friend, that an hour I would count a hundred of Russians between the 17th and 23rd Avenue Geary Boulevard in San Francisco. My opponent said immediately: - How do you distinguish them at first sight from the Americans or the Europeans? Is everyone you meet wil...
    Passions on Im watching you T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    About six months ago, I had a terrible quarrel with my girlfriend. Then we were both confident that all our relationship has ended with these tears, screaming, throwing out bags and even fight. We left our rented apartment and each of us went back home to parents. And then on the eve of her birthday...
    Star of the screen in Made in CCCP T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I am spending an evening at home with my parents, not bothering anyone, except that sometimes jump on Daddyís stomach, my mother cooking dinner in the kitchen, something TV shows, in general, the family paradise. Here comes to visit a neighbor and it is clear that from the moment of her visit family...
    Сlimbing in Trust me Im Russian! T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Once I decided to show off: to climb on the girl's balcony. The girl lived on the second floor.
    I bought flowers, took a backpack for them to free the hands, put on Trust me Im Russian! T-shirt.
    I am a bomb technician T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I'm little ashamed to talk about it ... Oh well, so, I bought the borrowing car. Do not laugh yet. Ford Mercury Grand Marquis 1987. Laugh too early, I'll tell you when it is time to.
    I went to shop one morning, dressed, as luck, in the I am a bomb technician T-shirt, and suddenly the Mustang st...
    Thanks Grandpa for the Victory Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    We have a good tradition: every year on May 9 we take bunches of red carnations, walk along through the city center, and when we meet World War II veterans, congratulating them on winning and give flowers. This year, just before the holiday, we happened to see on sale Thanks Grandpa for the Victory ...
    In T-34 Russian T-shirt on bar Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Yesterday we met with my friend, went to the cafe and sat down at a table. Waiting an order, we listen to music, relax and talk. By the way, my friend is a physical education teacher, he works at school. Suddenly he said: - Do not look back.
    Russian Knights - Russian Air Force team T-shirt made our air tr Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    The idea of ​​going by plane dressed in Russian Knights - Russian Air Force team T-shirt from the beginning seemed to me ridiculous. Flight brazen group of young people made too much noise: the guys were yelling, jumping on chairs, something chattering all the way. Nobody dared to make a...
    Сompetitor in Brigade Rosse T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    During the long years of unemployment of my friends used to lay on the couch in the Brigade Rosse T-shirt, come up with different venture, then try to bring them to life, which, fortunately, it is not always possible.
    Jokes in the air: made in Russia Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    A few years ago, as they say, one joker and humorist named Serge worked in our Nizhny Novgorod airport. He was a co-pilot airline, always wearing Made in Russia t-shirt. He seemed to be working well, but he liked to joke, and, sometimes quite violently. In our time in the airport flight often left ...
    LADA T-shirt in Ferrari" salon Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I am a funny fellow, which well versed in cars. I have no my own one yet, but I'm a master of LADA T-shirt, it is known to be a classic of the genre. Also I love all sorts of pranks.
    I'm in habbit to come in the showroom "Ferrari", I like beautiful cars. I stand, I admire, I dream that someday ...
    Salesman wearing Russky Standart T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    - Have you ever worked as a salesman? - аsked the manager A young man in Russky Standart T-shirt readily responded:
    - Sure! Where I arrived from, I worked as a shop assistant!
    Manager obviously liked the young man:
    - You can start right now to work.
    How to meet important clients wearing Russian T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    During the lunch break in our office, I accidentally spilled coffee on my favorite Russian T-shirt. What to do, if soon meeting with an important client comming, who can enter the doors of the company at any moment, when I have a great spot in the most prominent place.
    Made in Russia T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Our classmate Amanda incredibly lucky: she became a participator of the students exchange program. So, she will study in Russia. Of course, we were happy for her, because she had long dreamed to visit this country, at the same time conscious of how we will miss her. The dark-haired beauty Amanda has...
    Dispute of generations Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Middle-aged woman was traveling by tram. Long-haired guy, dressed in jeans and a Soviet Union T-shirt located opposite. Suddenly, the tram wagon rocked by anthem of Soviet Union times, this is the guy's mobile phone rang. The woman broke down and asked:
    - You were born after the collapse of the...
    Crisis Manager Michael adventures Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Michael has established his own dress code to himself: a Crisis Manager T-shirt, which he wore everywhere and always. It should be noted, this T-shirt is the best reflection the concept of Michael 's lifestyle, in particular, its ability to find a way out of any situation.
    Looking for Russian girlfriend Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    All the guys from our faculty were married already . But Andrew was not in a hurry. He belonged to this rare type of men, which considered to marriage a little too seriously and sincerely believed in love of his life.
    Best mom in the world Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Thereís not a doubt that our mum is the best mom in the world, because itís the person that raised us and watched all of our ups and downs and tolerated our bad behavior, especially when we were kids and teenagers.
    I love Russian girls Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Who doesnít love Russian girls? No, seriously, if there is a person on earth that does not love or at least like Russian girls, there must be something wrong with him or her. It is well known that Russian girls and women are the prettiest on Earth and itís a fact you canít argue with.
    How "I hear voices in my head" t-shirt opened my creativity Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    How "I hear voices in my head" t-shirt opened my creativity
    From Russia with love Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    From Russia with love
    Displaying 91 to 114 (of 114 articles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4