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    Funny T-shirts Story
    Any funny story with your t-shirts.
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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    Thanks to the CCCP T-shirt I was able to meet my girlfriend Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I flew from New York. I got to the Moscow airport and Katya met me there. I was wearing the CCCP T-shirt which gave me more attention...
    AK-47 T-shirt can help you. Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    It is anecdotical, that when you intend to impress public somewhere, and to make them respect you and your intentions, you needn't do someting special. Sometimes you will need only one little detail to make everything clear - ak-47 t-shirt.
    Staying tough: the best AK-47 T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Each guy has T-shirts in his closet, but only tough guy chooses the coolest AK-47 T-shirt as his favorite. Why, you will ask? The explanation is very easy: tough guys like being…tough!
    Dummy in funny russian t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    This consultant was not like other colleagues. Thin, perky, with a beard and dreadlocks on his head, dressed in funny russian t-shirt, so I turned to him. I was not mistaken in my choice: from the store I left with package with excellent buying inside in my hand and with a remarkable story in my min...
    Deep in silence with Gagarin t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    You know what is a working day in a noisy office? I get off from work totally outlandish, loud voices colleagues continue to ring in my ears all evening.
    All the robbers are afraid of huge russian t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    In the summer time I came in the countryside house. The first thing I decided to take a walk, see new places, go shopping. In a small village turned out to be just one store. I wanted to buy something from clothing.
    Sober t-shirt develops insight Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    These funny stories narrated by one of the friends of my father. He assures me that they actually occurred. With this cheerful man often something happens.
    No one loots guys in Mosin-Nagant t-shirts Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Recently met at the table of the old yard and entered it on that big money need to wear as if you don't have a dime, and you have nothing to lose-not once did. Friends with me agreed: the best defense is hiding the existence value.
    Russian drinking team t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Recently among a wide variety of styles, the t-shirts which can be worn by people of all ages are very popular. But boring, made in the same type things do people one gray mass. In our already boring life we just need to create as many as positive emotions.
    Why hast thou deceived russian police, Ann? Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    In the cafe at the next table it was a small hen party. The crystal clink of glasses and brisk voices resounded.
    - Ann, where do you meet him? Just on the street, or what?
    The russian spetsnaz t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    The russian spetsnaz t-shirt is dedicated to the veterans and current soldiers of the special units of internal troops of the Russian Federation, held or serving in the highland areas. T-shirt fabric is the highest quality, very pleasant to the body.
    AK 47 T-shirt: Russian rap - following all the rules Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Ak-47 t-shirt - a brief history of the group AK-47.
    Rap group AK-47 was founded in 2004 by two young guys Maxim Brylin (Max AK) and Victor Gostyuhin (Vitya AK).
    Why Robin hunts ak-47 t-shirt instead of a wetsuit Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I went with my son to rest on the sea. We stayed at our good friends’ place? Robin and Ellis, owners of private mini-hotels. Robin also trades underwater hunting. He has a modern Speargun with a diverse array of harpoons.
    Blonde teacher in cccp t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    When the blonde girl enters the Pedagogical Institute, she had no doubt that working with teenagers is an eternal party. By learning she treated accordingly: weared cccp t-shirt to classes and showed little zeal. All was well until the first session.
    Find doctor with the help of made in russia t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Of course, if you come to the clinic at the reception in the office and saw a man in a white coat, make no mistake: in front of you a real doctor, a great specialist and expert in his field.
    Jump champion fsb russian t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    My friend Gene met at a disco with a chic girl in a short skirt and high-top sneakers. They danced all night, in the end, after the words DJ: "Thank you for coming, we wait for you again, until we meet again" Gene volunteered to carry out its new wave familiar.
    Russian army t-shirt better than a beautiful life Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    From early childhood Alice was sure that she is the most beautiful, intelligent and unusual girl in the world. So, the time comes, she will meet the prince and live happily with him. Mama Alice was sure that her daughter will be able to realize what she was not managed.
    I am for peace t-shirt speaks for itself Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Been a student, Tanya was secretly in love with my friend Sergey - good-natured athlete two meters tall. In order not to confuse the people by his menacing look, Sergey bought I am for peace t-shirt. Tanya still can not bring herself to express her sympathy.
    On what the russian mafia rides Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    My father taught me to accuracy in rather interesting way. Maybe someone useful experience guy in russian mafia t-shirt. So, my father never made me clean the shoes in the evening when I was returning from a walk. He also never scolded me when founded in the hallway dusty shoes in the morning.
    Hey, who's in russian airlines t-shirt flying a paraglider? Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Paragliding has become for me the most unexpected and joyous event. I dreamed about this for a long time. In childhood I often dreamed that I fly. But years passed by, and managed to fly only by helicopter and airplane
    Russian rock t-shirt also needs rest Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    It so happened that I have a lot of free time, and I decided to share some of my thoughts about life. Back in my school years, I realized one thing: my soul and body are fully owned by russian rock, I was a big fan of this music and could imagine myself in the future only rock musician.
    Traffic warden can not resist lada niva t-shirt charm Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I received yesterday the first driver's license. Today, food, happy life: spring, the sun was hot, I'm wearing lada niva t-shirt. I did not notice that went into the intersection, which was busy. I was stopped by a traffic warden immediately after the crossroads.
    Not to lose sight of Chernobyl t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Going to Hungary, this blonde knowingly put Chernobyl t-shirt. As it turned out, she was a really disaster. Bus with tourists and a guide went for the fourth time, all of us relaxed and already dozed off. Suddenly a loud cry is heard: "Oh!!!".
    Boy in russian hockey t-shirt should not be stuck in traffic Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    At first I saw the stick over the roof of the car, and then I could see: red cheeks, eyes frightened, russian hockey t-shirt, stick in one hand, the other huge black bag on wheels. Hockey player seven-eight years old.
    Baikonur t-shirt brings good luck Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    You've probably heard a lot of stories about child prodigies: someone phenomenal musical talent, someone with five years solve the tasks for high school students, someone writes poetry and expressively recited as an adult.
    Be faithful to your aeroflot t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    In the early years, when we were gentle with her friends and unspoiled schoolgirls, bully Vanya burst in our life. Vanya was registered in the children's room of militia, smoked like a chimney and sucked beer as an electric pump, and expressed himself so, if to try to entire his speech in writing, i...
    Spetsnaz in Russian t-shirt was left without dinner Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    After school I worked at the Astronomical Observatory in the optical shop. Where the lens are made, then they are collected into tubes or bars and the finished product is called a telescope. Despite the fact that my colleague is my namesake also, we were never confused.
    Two in the ak-47 t-shirt: in the eye Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Christina seriously beginning to fear that will forever remain a spinster. Her strict father did not leave her any chance to meet and go on dates with young people. Father has always been a benchmark of masculinity for her: muscular, with sports posture, image complement pants like military uniform ...
    Our neighbor is a Russian spy Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    This summer my neighbor did not go to have a rest in a vacation home, she married and went abroad. The keys to the house, she handed me with a warning that the bus goes there once a week. Not believing that these days so remote places are exist
    Handyman in KGB t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    - You know how I became acquainted with his future wife? I went to university in another city. We, the non-residents, lived in a dorm. This is a true college town - close located opposite the high-rise buildings with many rooms facing each other all their windows and balconies.
    Displaying 1 to 30 (of 115 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>]