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    How to meet important clients wearing Russian T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    During the lunch break in our office, I accidentally spilled coffee on my favorite Russian T-shirt. What to do, if soon meeting with an important client comming, who can enter the doors of the company at any moment, when I have a great spot in the most prominent place.
    AK 47 T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    The world without war and guns would be so much better and happier place to live in. But thatís the goal we are only beginning to achieve and thereís such a long way to go. No guns will not solve the violence that surrounds us every day, it will only inspire people to invent another weapons to kill ...
    Lokomotive Yaroslavl Hockey Club T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    Hockey is a special sport. Itís not that popular as football or soccer, mainly because thereís no ice and snow in Africa or Brazil that are crazy about soccer, but it sure has a huge fan base all over the world. The thing about hockey being that popular is quite inexplicable.
    Russia T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    Russia is the greates and most powerful country in so many ways that we can spend several days describing them. Letís just remember the most famous reasons why Russia is the greatest country ever. Well, first of all, it has the biggest territory in the world, that along can count as great achievemen...
    Russian Rock T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    How many true rockers are out there in the world? Hard to tell, really, because thereís a new rocker born every 2 seconds. This means that for the time you finish reading this line there will be six more newborn rockers in the world. And thatís an awesome statistics for those who really like rock mu...
    Soviet T-shirt Topic: Other articles
    USSR was the greatest Empire in the history of mankind that Russians managed to create in a short amount of time. Sadly, or maybe not, it fell apart. Now we hear all kinds of stories about soviet people and their life back then, but hardly half of them are true.
    DDT Rock Group Topic: Other articles
    Russians have many interesting people that lots of great countries have, like beautiful girls, strong sportsmen and sportswomen, awesome singers and composers, talented actors and directors, great writers and politicians, but whatís most important, they also have super rock bands that really are ama...
    I'm Russian Topic: Other articles
    Imagine youíre going to Russia for a business trip or some sort of vacation. What are the first things that come to mind when you think of what to bring to your friends and family back? Itís Russian doll or a bottle of vodka or some fridge magnet with famous Russian words on it.
    Leningrad rock group Topic: Other articles
    There are millions of rock bands in the world. Ok, maybe not millions, but a hell lot of them, thatís for sure. And most of them come from English speaking countries, such as USA, England, Ireland and many others. Thatís why almost all of the true rockers out there have no idea that Russians have th...
    Made in Russia T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Our classmate Amanda incredibly lucky: she became a participator of the students exchange program. So, she will study in Russia. Of course, we were happy for her, because she had long dreamed to visit this country, at the same time conscious of how we will miss her. The dark-haired beauty Amanda has...
    Dispute of generations Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Middle-aged woman was traveling by tram. Long-haired guy, dressed in jeans and a Soviet Union T-shirt located opposite. Suddenly, the tram wagon rocked by anthem of Soviet Union times, this is the guy's mobile phone rang. The woman broke down and asked:
    - You were born after the collapse of the...
    How to make unforgettable pajama or T-shirt party Topic: Other articles
    I want to tell you and give some tips on how to make a pajama party unforgettable. So, let's begin. First you need to choose which pajama party can make you happy.
    These two types are the most popular:
    1. Soul Plane party. This type is for cheerful, irrepressible optimists. 2. Romantic pa...
    Crisis Manager Michael adventures Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Michael has established his own dress code to himself: a Crisis Manager T-shirt, which he wore everywhere and always. It should be noted, this T-shirt is the best reflection the concept of Michael 's lifestyle, in particular, its ability to find a way out of any situation.
    People who like wearing "I'm Russian T-shirt" Topic: Other articles
    Being a patriot means to love your native land and be ready to sacrifice your own interests and wishes for her. Patriotism also suggests that a person will be proud of the country's achievements and it's culture, the wish to preserve it's character and the cultural peculiarities and identification o...
    Red Army Topic: Other articles
    Most Russians are known around the world for such stereotypes as drinking vodka instead of water, having endless Siberian winters all year long, keeping samovar in every house and letting polar bears walk in the streets unattended. But of course all of these clichťs are way too exaggerated and absol...
    Russian alcoholic t-shirt Topic: Other articles
    In our today' fat-moving world drinking alcohol has become very popular. There is a great lure to drink beer or vodka in night club where you stay till morning. It changes our conscioussness greately. Or there is another group of people who go to cafes after hard-day of work and relax with the help ...
    KGB Topic: Other articles
    KGB was the worst nightmare of hundreds of thousands of people not only in the former USSR, but around the entire world couple of decades ago. Making the government security its main priority, KGB often accused their own people in treason and lack of loyalty that resulted in multiple arrests and tor...
    Born in Russia Topic: Other articles
    Russia Ė what a great and mysterious country, with so much to tell and offer to the world! Itís been the biggest country on the planet for as long as countries exist and it will definitely stay that way forever. And all the mysteries and wonders that are hidden there are driving the rest of the wo...
    Dont hate me because Im a Russian Topic: Other articles
    Itís very well known that Russians have an undeniable, self speaking reputation of the worldís loudest nation, the reputation you canít compete with even if you try your best. Itís the international experience of knowing Russian people and their idea of having fun that outpaces every Russian tourist...
    GO BACK TO RUSSIA Topic: Other articles
    Itís always interesting to hear people telling stories about Russia and Russian people. Although most of European and American tourists meet Russians for a short period of time, a week or so, itís more than enough to have an impression about these guys. Itís not a secret that Russians are very loud ...
    Hard to be Humble when Im the Best t-shirt Topic: Other articles
    It is very hard to find in our corruptional world a person who can boast of being really a modest person. Everybody wants to earn as much money we acn and in order to do this they are ready to loose humaneness and become a cruel or brutal man.
    Looking for Russian girlfriend Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    All the guys from our faculty were married already . But Andrew was not in a hurry. He belonged to this rare type of men, which considered to marriage a little too seriously and sincerely believed in love of his life.
    Comrade - who are you? Topic: Other articles
    Russian t-shirts are the newest and the most awesome trend of this fall, so everyone who follows fashion news or just likes to look fresh and stylish might consider buying a t-shirt like that.
    Trust me I'm Russian Topic: Other articles
    Russians are the strangest people in the entire world, and everyone knows that. You canít argue with Russian guy or girl, youíll never out drink a Russian, even if you are from Britain, and you will never make a Russian do something he or she does not want to do.
    Best mom in the world Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Thereís not a doubt that our mum is the best mom in the world, because itís the person that raised us and watched all of our ups and downs and tolerated our bad behavior, especially when we were kids and teenagers.
    I love Russian girls Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Who doesnít love Russian girls? No, seriously, if there is a person on earth that does not love or at least like Russian girls, there must be something wrong with him or her. It is well known that Russian girls and women are the prettiest on Earth and itís a fact you canít argue with.
    Aeroflot Russian Airlines Topic: Other articles
    Aeroflot Russian Airlines
    Antonov t-shirt - a high quality product and great potential Topic: Other articles
    Antonov t-shirt - a high quality product and great potential
    How "I hear voices in my head" t-shirt opened my creativity Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    How "I hear voices in my head" t-shirt opened my creativity
    MIG story Topic: Other articles
    Probably most of the people who are even slightly interested in aviation and its history heard about the legendary soviet military jet fighter MIG. It is an aircraft model that appeared in early 1940's and has become the most striking and unexpected breakthrough of the Soviet military engineering an...
    Displaying 151 to 180 (of 185 articles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  [Next >>]