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    Defend Ukraine AK-47 Kalashnikov T-shirt in white
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    Girls who wear t shirt cccp, do not like surprises Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    When me and my future wife were poor students, I came up with an interesting idea: I decided to make my bride chic birthday. I then thought what would happen is a real surprise. To get the feast worthy of her beauty, it ought to be prepared in advance. I had a few months of saving up money for this ...
    Slender employee in siberian fast food t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    The working day began as usual in our office. From idleness or from something else I was cool in my siberian fast food t-shirt. I looked around to see where it can go cold. Like, no drafts, doors, windows covered.
    Extreme master class from the guy in viktor tsoi t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    That day I learned a lot about the lives of musicians. The fact is that if I really wanted to get acquainted with real musicians, because I dreamed about the band.
    - How to meet them? - I asked.
    Brigade rosse riding on a barrel Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    On weekdays our holiday village is usually quiet. But on weekends youth from the asphalt jungle breaks here free. At night, bonfires are lit, sound wild guitar songs, flow like water spirits.
    Just another day in best mom t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I work at home, my one office clothe is best mom t-shirt. As usually, I jump up from the computer at the first request of my beloved kiddies. I cook, I feed, I clean up, I entertain. Today I have more cases than usual, and all of them are urgent, I sit all day long on the Internet, do not go out of ...
    Future psychologists thoughs adout girl in Communism t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Student Psychology Department Denis has chosen a very interesting topic for their course work. His research has focused on street fashion trends. Thanks to his efforts and the perception the world found out about it a lot. T-shirts with funny slogans took a special place in the work of Dennis. In hi...
    How to meet a girl in from Russia with love t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Once at the Gare Montparnasse an unknown girl, dressed in ripped jeans and from Russia with love t-shirt came up to me. not only the inscription on the shirt, but quite noticeable accent spitted on a foreigner in her. The girl turned to me with the modest request: to help her get home since she had ...
    Cake for a guy in funny russian t-shirt and his girlfriend Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Once Gennady was going for a date. Well, as usual bought wine and cake. Such a lousy cake, I must say. Lots of cream, and absolutely no snacks. Gennady winced when I bought it, but still bought it. “It would be better sausage” - he thought, and looked wistfully at the shelves with vodka.
    Happy halloween t-shirt will help you to enjoy Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Do you know what the most popular game on Halloween? You will need to fill the barrel with water or bowl, toss apples there and catch their teeth, hands clasped behind his back. Just be careful not to wet and not to splash your happy halloween t-shirt.
    Red-eyed vampire in halloween t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    My classmate Natasha is gothic girl: pale face, dark lipstick, long black dress, lace,crosses and skulls. In another clothes no one has ever seen her. Approaching a party in honor of halloween. We were trying to guess what's coming Natasha. Logically, that evil spirits are certainly not recognize he...
    Trick-or-treating in halloween party t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    During Halloween it’s quite natural to hut on halloween party t-shirt with ghosts, demons, ghouls and similar unpleasant creatures. Because of this, many people manage to see in Halloween something satanic. In fact, this festival is associated primarily with the arrival of winter – the time of still...
    Creative from russian t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    A businessman walked into the lobby of the bank and went to the ATM to withdraw some cash. After receiving the check, he drew attention to the amount of the balance in his account and was a little surprised: it coincides with the number of his car. To its credit, the businessman should be noted that...
    Are you sure that you know everything about funny russian t-shir Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    We've been friends for 2 years, seeing each other at lectures at the university every day. For his sake I began to dress very feminine and stylish: fishnet tights, a skirt or shorts, tight T-shirts, but the feeling that he did not even pay attention to it, just see what came "friend" and we just com...
    Helicopter t-shirt helps to control the aircraft and trolley Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    In Irkutsk worked humorist - the co-pilot of local airlines. He patiently waited until the start landing on the little old An-2, then approached the aircraft wearing a helicopter t-shirt. Pretending not to notice crowding in anticipation of loading grandmothers from remote Siberian villages with hug...
    Russian Clothing generation Topic: Other articles
    Are you tired of monotonous and boring clothes from well-known brands? Welcome to the world cccp t-shirt! We fully understand and support your desire to look very unusual and draw attention to yourself, so filled virtual showcase our online shop with range of related products
    "Oldsmobile" for retro racer Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I'm going to look for a job in the U.S., but I knew that would have likely travel all over half the country before I find. In my profession (musician) no Internet or e-mail with the phone are not suitable for employment. Only "Showmanship"
    Blonde drives: the party's over Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Pre-holiday, tight and uncomfortable parking near the store tightly packed with cars. Mercury Villager from the angular space trying unsuccessfully to leave a battered. With minimal experience and skill to steer it easy, but the driver obviously has neither the one nor the other.
    Russian alphabet and Tajik cell phone Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    A cold rain gave way to small but brazen hail and then I finally realized that I had forgotten and left there permanently. I guess they thought I had to go down to the last cable car. But I did not have time and stood alone among the wet forest, russian alphabet t-shirt, flip-flops and shorts, 200 r...
    Russian Bear vs alligators Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    The three friends met about a week ago in New York, after almost a year of separation. Andrei and Sergei came to visit Genka, located in the City of the Big Apple for the company. He took a vacation and decided to skip Florida.
    Russian Patriot and sparrows Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Finally! Man in Patriot Russian T-shirt raised in a post. Now it was his duty to meet cars with paint, take the product, open the test pack from each batch, and then send the car to unload. Machines never come on time, so the guy in the Patriot Russian T-shirt
    How to treat women when you dressed in Russian Mafia T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    One sweet girl invited me over for a cup of tea while her parents did not return home from work. I accepted the invitation and came to her place in the new Russian Mafia T-shirt. When she was setting the table, her mobile phone rang.
    The guy who decided to Rid the World of Morons Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    The guy in the Rid the World of Morons T-shirt watched as grandfather with walking stick who was crossing the street. When the light changed, he was still in the middle of the roadway. The driver standing by the car began to move impatiently honk and swear loudly. Grandfather fussing, but his age di...
    Who is under AK-47 T-shirt? Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    One day my friend and I watched a movie in which the main heroine, a woman, frankly, with very overweight leads popular radio program on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. And then one day she had to meet already in the "real world" with the young man, as a formal agreement. A woman coming to the mee...
    You realle don't want bouquet from McLenin? Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    On New Year we have gathered a large company. It was immediately obvious that Stas, a guy dressed in McLenins Russian T-shirt, can not wait to share something.
    - What - I asked - again found a beautiful stranger?
    - You guessed right! - Stas said. - That stranger and unspeakably beautiful.
    Russian Mafia T-shirt is the best insurance Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    How the Insured by Russian Mafia T-shirt came to my brother, history keeps silent. Noteworthy is the fact that since that day he became interested in everything related to insurance. Being a fairly pragmatic person, my brother was primarily concerned with the practical point of view, and search for ...
    Feel free with your KGB T-shirt on Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Since the KGB no longer exists as an organization, KGB T-shirt can be worn any person. However, the magic combination of letters on the old memory continues to influence others. The authority of the owner of KGB T-shirt is much improved, no matter what stupid things he has done.
    Funny Russian T-shirt for every working ShitDay Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    As always, in the morning I'm in a hurry for work, put on ShitDay Funny Russian T-shirt. There where puddles everywhere, so I decided to cut the path, and went through the school yard, which is fenced by a hedge of metal bars.
    Taxi driver in Aeroflot T-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Passengers often compare taxi drivers with the pilots in the habit of driving fast. Some of them have come up with theiself another fun entertainment that is appreciated by all passengers. The driver of the taxi in which I was going to get home, was dressed in Aeroflot T-shirt.
    The best T-shirt for Best MOM in the World Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    My mother wears her favorite Best MOM in the World T-shirt, which is pleasant not only to my mom, but to me, too, because it’s ideally corresponds her. My mom understands everything as it should to be, so I had to walk to kindergarten very short while.
    Trust the guys in Russian Airlines T-shirts Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Me and my friend urgently need money, I will not bore you with the details, for what purposes. The amount is not large by the standards of the middle class, however, is quite problematic for students. We decided to take the path of least resistance - to find a temporary job. We live not far from the...
    Displaying 91 to 120 (of 185 articles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]