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     Stop Police Brutality Russian T-shirt
    Stop Police Brutality Russian T-shirt
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    This one in ural t-shirt knows how to bargain Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Actually meat, like most other products I buy on the following principle: every two weeks I don ural t-shirt, come, type the full brim trolley, folding in the trunk and leave. However, the queue and tedious crush near cash desk suggests somehow diversify the process.
    Not knowing the road russians are coming t-shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    My friend and I were drinking beer, watching TV, suddenly saw an advertisement recently opened resort on a foreign shore and decided that just have to go there. We are not without reason called the lungs on the rise: the same day, we decided to all the organizational issues faster than managed to dr...
    The chef turned into a fisherman in funny russian t shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Last summer we had a rest in one of the mountain resorts. Taking a walk around the neighborhood, we saw a picturesque little restaurant, enticing visitors to the promise of "the freshest fish."
    Be courteous when see russian t shirt at parking lo Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Half an hour ago I drove up to the business center, where our office is placed. I faced a demanding task: today scheduled for an interview with the candidates for the post of Assistant Accountant.
    Guy in russian rock t shirt - master of knockouts and hairstyles Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    They sat in front of the house and drank something, apparently containing alcohol, and, judging by their cries and noise, they sat there from the morning.
    Viktor Tsoi t-shirt wins formalities Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Every time I meet on the street a young man Viktor Tsoi t-shirt, I can not help recalling my own school years. My parents changed their apartment and moved to another area, I had to go to a new school.
    Student in VDV Russian t shirt not hit the shot Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    The story begins just wonderful: I returned home from the army, serving in the military commando troops, met a delightful young lady, went to college and gained VDV Russian t shirt.
    Does Arnold Schwarzenegger wear Crimea t shirt? Topic: Other articles
    As a result of recent political developments, the Crimea became known throughout the world not only as a peninsula resort, it has become a real arena where a clash of two opposing ideologies. There no bloody battles in Crimea, like in the East of Ukraine, however, people from different parts of the ...
    Salvation of man in russian bear t shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I did not like this situation at once.
    Hefty man with massive fists, wearing a russian bear t shirt, asks with soft insinuating voice:
    - And if I knock one of them? This is the law?
    - Normally, hit safely - smirks Gena attaching miniature microphone to man’s jacket - will be fight ...
    Beavis and Butthead taught the operator in comrade t shirt how t Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    One day we were filming a report about one grandmother - a war veteran. Our team consisted of a few people: the operator wearing a comrade t shirt, some young assists and me. We wanted to get soulful and nice report: an old woman sitting on a bench war recalls. And so it was, if not two uninvited vi...
    Physical training teacher in cccp t shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I heard a melody in my sleep. My first thought - service. I opened my eyes - dark. The clock shows half of the third. So, someone calls. I quickly fumbled my phone in the dark. In the tube, confused male voice says: "Are you asleep? Urgently take the water and onto the street. Do not ask any questio...
    Russian spetsnaz is not only a t shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Sometimes neighborly relations become really wonderful. Being a proud owner of a piece of land and a small house in not the remotest distance from the city, once heard a knock at the gate intrusive. I put on my russian spetsnaz t shirt and opened. A bright representative of the wild '90s, but overgr...
    What to choose: traditional embroidered shirt or ukrainian t shi Topic: Other articles
    Embroidered shirt has long been a traditional garment of Ukrainians. Nowadays, traditional clothes not lost its popularity, but on the contrary, there is a certain wave of increased interest to the Ukrainian national symbols in general.
    Stolichnaya vodka t shirt is not a sign of delirium tremens Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Somehow came to a psychiatrist to receive the patient. He was sent from a trauma Center. At the direction flaunted formidable preliminary diagnosis: «Delirium tremens»
    Perfect wife for a man in russian t shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    This evening was full of buyers; near the one of the supermarket checkouts was a small queue of three or four people. Ahead of me was a man in a basket which flaunted a classic set bachelor: three bottles of beer, crackers, dried fish in tiny sachets and other snacks.
    Why man in a russian t shirt collecting leaves from the trees Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I stayed too long as it is at work until late, it was already dark outside, I think, good time to go home. Well, going into the machine and began to move. It should be noted that the dress code at work is not rather serious, so I prefer russian t shirt.
    Hunter in KGB russian t shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    - You probably most of us get thicket forest, hunter, - joked one of the guests. And, in fact, not good to be late: the company has been sitting at the table, when I entered the room.
    - A state secret - I said, pointedly demonstrating KGB russian t shirt, which was on me.
    Smart Ukrainian guy in t shirt Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I'm sitting on a black leather couch, waiting for the verdict and internally shaking.
    I spent a month looking for a way to the professor because he is the best, and I was lucky - somehow found.
    GRU russian t shirt against drugs Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    My best friend turned to me with a delicate request. Recently, his young wife is often a neighboring town. Everything looked quite decently: short trips are the part of her job. And yet another was troubled at my friend’s heart.
    Putin t shirt for extraordinary individuals Topic: Other articles
    Stylists and image makers just have to be aware of current trends in the choice of clothes and the ability to present you. It is for this reason, it makes sense to listen to their advice.
    Russian go home t shirt for progressively minded people Topic: Other articles
    Russian go home t shirt is an actual way to express their civic stance and attitude to current political events in the world. Inscription on it in any way is not a racist slogan or trying to offend anyone on a national basis.
    Men in russian bear t shirt excite her Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    While her husband was going on a business trip, the young wife had already taken a decision not to be bored alone. She has long been looking for the opportunity to retire with her fitness trainer. It was an interesting big athletic man.
    Sickle and hammer t shirt and other antiques Topic: Other articles
    I once bought a used car. It was late autumn, on the street bad weather, a little wet snow and ice of course. Return to work on car, and as it usually happens - if the day is in the morning failed, expect trouble to the end - in the sluggish traffic on the bridge
    Guys in russian spetsnaz t shirt always lucky, because they beli Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    VILLA FOR SALE, 3 FLOORS, with pool and garden on the seashore. FOR 1 DOLLAR
    More about...
    "Deception" - thought the guy in the russian spetsnaz t shirt and tossed a crumpled newspaper.
    Russian rock t shirt helps to express attitude Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Russian rock - it's not only great music, but also influential trend in modern music culture. It impresses with its diversity and deep meaning, unique to the Russian soul, and most importantly - this music is live. About Russian rock can talk endlessly, russian rock t shirt was created for those who...
    Move to the goal like russian bear Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    She sat nervously shaking her leg covered with tight black jeans with artificial wear. Now the bus was nearly empty - Sunday after all. A man in his forties, laden portfolio with drawings and forming tube, glanced at her. Good looking! 20 years old, probably a student, small, so slender and fine. Lo...
    Best Russian t shirt for all occasions Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    I was very lucky with the boss at work - director of our company an excellent specialist and understanding leader. This woman knows how to organize not only the working process, but also a comfortable environment for employees. She dresses simply but tastefully, we often see her at the workplace in ...
    Rasputin t shirt returns memory Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Our first day of tourist trip to Israel was an affable and friendly. My friend and I have already managed to disembark and get a good small hotel with an indescribable name. On the outdoor terrace, where decent wine was served, my friend dressed in shorts and Rasputin t shirt, placed in a white chai...
    Trust Russian guys in t shirts Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    - Come on, I'll now tell you about our acquaintance. I come back from a party late at night either, whether early in the morning. Stopped the car driving guy in Trust me Im Russian t shirt. I sit in the lounge, call address, he drove off. Since my worldview was slightly clouded pairs some drinks tha...
    Fatal t shirt russian Topic: Funny T-shirts Story
    Our boss was a free man in everything he went to work in t shirt russian and loved to joke about blondes and women's logic. Julia, the only blonde in the office, for some reason greatly offended by these jokes. One day at the office there was a problem: clogged plumbing.
    Displaying 61 to 90 (of 185 articles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]