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    Why we wear Viktor Tsoi T-shirt

    Probably everyone who has or intends to acquire Viktor Tsoi T-shirt, is already well familiar with the songs and biography of the legend of Russian rock. Let us recall together a curious and little-known aspects of his life. By the way, I also have Viktor Tsoi T-shirt.

    In one of, as it soon turned out, the last interview Viktor talked about the role of parents in shaping personality. Many remember his words that the person is almost impossible to raise in the full sense of the word, parents can only create suitable conditions for development. Viktor was very lucky: in the family, he found support in all his ideas. He was one of the few schoolboys who had a guitar and the ability to organize a rock band. Years later, when Viktor was expelled from art school, parents provided him with the opportunity to do what he likes.

    If you wear Viktor Tsoi T-shirt, you probably know what a wide range of interests he had. Viktor independently and at a high enough level mastered wood carving. It is in this capacity, he first appeared on TV screens, his Japanese netsuke deserved the attention of specialists and connoisseurs. Viktor successfully studied English, inspired by the art of Bruce Lee became interested in martial single combats.

    The first concert of Viktor drew unwanted attention of law enforcement. To avoid such incidents in the future, Viktor officially got a job that does not interfere with creative activity. Producer of the first album was no less well-known person in the Russian rock - Boris Grebenshchikov. The popularity of the "Kino" has grown rapidly, the musicians performed in France, Denmark, Italy. When the cult film of those years - "Needle" - was released on, Viktor Tsoi was named best film actor of the year. Those who personally knew Viktor, claim that the real life for him began on the stage. After every performance he had long come to life in daily occurrence he has been quiet and shy. On the latter, as it turned out later, the concert Viktor Tsoi and group "Kino" was lit Olimpic fire for the first time in ten years.

    After his tragic death in a car crash has dramatically increased the number of suicides. Today streets in different cities, memorable places and asteroid # 2740 named after Viktor Tsoi.

    If you meet a kindred spirit, which is easily recognized by Viktor Tsoi T-shirt, you will certainly have something to talk about. For example, you can sing his wonderful songs, which even today sounds as true as a quarter of a century ago.

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