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     Im lucky, I married a Russian! Girls T-shirt in black
    Im lucky, I married a Russian! Girls T-shirt in black
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     F_ck the Bear - Give Me the Beer Funny T-shirt in white
    F_ck the Bear - Give Me the Beer Funny T-shirt in white
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     My Girlfriend is Russian Cool T-shirt in red
    OMG!!! Absolutely gorgeous....jus-
    t as pictured. Love it..... ..

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    Deep in silence with Gagarin t-shirt

    You know what is a working day in a noisy office? I get off from work totally outlandish, loud voices colleagues continue to ring in my ears all evening. On one of those evenings I saw Gagarin t-shirt ...

    Don't think anything bad about our team, our staff is quite friendly and good to have discharged their responsibilities. The tradition to shut up otheres to be heard, apparently, was formed long before my joining. I didn't know how to deal with this habit and everytime came home tired of loud voices.

    ... Usually only children dream be astronauts. I have long considered myself old enough, but looking at the Gagarin t-shirt, I truly envied all representatives of this glorious profession. Just think, a cosmonaut is absolutely along (!), not only in a spaceship, but in the whole space, nobody bothers him to do his job in silence. It seems I fell into a trance a little under the influence of my own imaginations, so didn't noticed how bought this t-shirt.

    The next morning no employee drew attention at my new thing. All were busy with another novelty: in office a new printer was brought, and my colleagues carefully studied the manual for this device.

    -What is "noise level"? -asked the blonde girl. While others were in probability what to answer her, I decided to take the initiative in their own hands. I took from colleagues the manual and scanned opened page.

    -So, we have a new generation printer. When it works, the noise level should not exceed the limit specified in the instruction. High technology-fragile and expensive thing, if you violate the rules of operation, the printer may break. This can occur if someone would shout when the printer is on. Are you ready to compensate our company the cost of new generation printer?

    The staff vigorously downloaded heads in a sign of a categorical denial.

    -So we'll do the next: while the printer, all should be silent. Who will break the silence, will bear full liability for breakage.

    A few learned colleagues had to take my offer.

    Printer started several times a day as needed. In the office it was hitherto unprecedented phenomenon of silence. I was collapsing in an armchair in my Gagarin t-shirt and enjoyed as an astronaut in the silent space. A new tradition "a few minutes of silence" caught in the office fast enough. I noticed that when the usual noise becomes unbearable, some employees look with hope to the printer. Even when it is turned off, they try to talk maybe for a semitone, but quieter. Gagarin t-shirt taught our team to love silence.

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