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     Marijuana  - Official dealer Funny russian T-shirt
    Marijuana - Official dealer Funny russian T-shirt
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    Keep Calm and Pray for Ukraine New Patriotic T-shirt in black
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     ALFA FSB Antiterror Special Forces Russian T-shirt
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    No one loots guys in Mosin-Nagant t-shirts

    Recently met at the table of the old yard and entered it on that big money need to wear as if you don't have a dime, and you have nothing to lose-not once did. Friends with me agreed: the best defense is hiding the existence value. Only one of the pals objected and told his story. He and his sister grew up with his mother. When they become older and met life satellites, both left the parental House and began to live in rented apartments. Mom was left alone in the old good apartment, the son and the daughter visited her every Saturday. When mom died, they decided to sell the apartment. The money would be enough for both, for flats for brother's and sister's families The buyer showed up unexpectedly, money had to pick up the cash and noone to call with. My friend donned a Mosin-Nagant t-shirt and drove one. Money, frankly, not small - for the same amount robbers can kill on the street. Each came up with an ingenious scheme was at Mack - picked takeaway lunch-paper package in one hand, a glass of Cola, climbed into the apartment. The documents were signed by, the money in the package packed, Cola-in his other hand, wished the buyer happy to stay and go down the street - with package, as if there really only three relative and potatoes. Who will draw the attention of the man in Mosin-Nagant t-shirt with Cola and a pack of paper in his hands? He just wanted to make a mouthful, like suddenly saw instead of a package in the hands of only a tattered piece of paper. Like little circles-hands do not obey, his lips tremble, his feet do not obey, his heart skips beats. Now how to call and explain all this to wife and sister? Money lost more than he ever earned. Man in a Mosin-Nagant t-shirt really thought about suicide. Even if he work from morning till night, grizzled old age only he would be able to give his sister her part and left nothing for his own family. They made plans, dreamed about baby, and now everything collapsed.
    Sad man with a Mosin-Nagant t-shirt sat on the bench and pondering how to sell themselves into slavery or the authorities. Suddenly he felt like someone was shaking over his shoulder and something to stretch ... Looked at him face hippie and even punk appearance, frightened by something, that something could be speaking and bringing under the nose. It was the same paper bag.
    - I do not need someone's! I have wanted to eat - I haven't eaten since yesterday - thought, that in the package is meal. ... Friend timidly took package hesitantly opened, peered inside...
    -... I do not simply not eaten are stealing yo long thought.
    ... counted eyes bundles of money-like all in place, none opened ...
    -... So that you ... this ... don't get mad ... I did not know.
    ... I climb in my pocket, pull out 1,500:
    - Take, bus something to eat.
    - No! I do not need someone else. But may be ...
    Of the proposed 1,500 he hesitated, but takes five hundred, thousand entered falls on the asphalt, he lifts it and stretches to the owner.
    Man this time without incident brought money home, counted all - not lost nor banknotes, so, bought presents for wife and sister. The families was safely moved in new apartments, and this story has so long time been little secret.

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