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     100% Silicone Free! Funny Girls T-shirt in black
    100% Silicone Free! Funny Girls T-shirt in black
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    Why hast thou deceived russian police, Ann?

    In the cafe at the next table it was a small hen party. The crystal clink of glasses and brisk voices resounded.
    - Ann, where do you meet him? Just on the street, or what?
    - Well, no, of course. When I divorced my ex-boyfriend, it's probably for two months daddy's car sell: BMW seventh model and Gelendvagen.
    - And what happened then?
    - One fine evening a buyer, wearing a russian police t-shirt, came on the ad:
    - Hello, are you Ann? Gelendvagen sell?
    - Yes, sell, let's go, itís on the side of the house should be checked. My father had parked there.
    Together with young man clad in russian police t-shirt we approached the car. Buyer, as it turned out, the name Victor. He slowly walked around the car, carefully inspecting every inch.
    - Well, well, the machine is not broken, do not painted - it's good, now let's start motor, listen to how the engine is running.
    I called Dad and his phone, unfortunately, not available. I said:
    - I'm sorry, Victor, but unfortunately, the keys and documents with my father, he should be here any minute. Let's wait a bit.
    - Well, no question, but at least let's enter in a cafe, drink coffee, and see through the window, when your father will do. If we located at a table near the window, it will be clearly seen the whole street.
    So we sat, a closer look at this young man in a russian police t-shirt, then I called my mother - to know where daddy, and she said that my father immediately flew to Bulgaria and mistakenly took with him all the documents and keys from Gelendvagen.
    That's the story.
    - Wait, wait, Ann, and where from your father seventh BMW model and Gelentvagen if he worked all his life as a simple worker in the factory, and the pension has more than modest? You said yourself.
    - Marina, I thought you are beautiful and intelligent, and it turns out that you're just beautiful. I explain again, just for you: our yard was someone BMW and someone Gelentvagen, so I gave the announcement of the sale to her man in russian police t-shirt to meet ...
    - Ann, you deceived russian police? How could you?! ...
    The girls laughed so contagious that even exemplary family man turned around to enjoy their fun. Wife frowned at him.

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