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    Baikonur t-shirt brings good luck

    You've probably heard a lot of stories about child prodigies: someone phenomenal musical talent, someone with five years solve the tasks for high school students, someone writes poetry and expressively recited as an adult.

    One of my partners, Peter, became interested in the Forex. It would seem surprising at first glance, it's not that many are not averse to try your luck. But Peter, unlike most new players, came to the matter thoroughly. Before making the first bet in life, he had long studied the theory, read many books, including the famous Japanese works, dismantled hundreds of options and principles of trade, and not bad mastered the art of not losing money from the deposit. This can already be considered the first significant achievement. This was followed by quite decent profit, and even a couple of times he called all of us to the restaurant to celebrate and "guzzle the success."

    As many gamblers, Peter have acquired his own good omens. For example, it's kind of like a joke, he believed that baikonur t-shirt brings good luck. Peter even appeared peculiar tradition to sit at the computer and celebrate successes only baikonur t-shirt. But once good tradition had broken.

    One day Peter, enjoying the peace and quiet, prepared baikonur t-shirt and started to sit down at the terminal, as there was an important phone call – his neighbor needed a little more, but emergency assistance. When Peter returned to the room, saw the following: his seven years old son drowned in father’s baikonur t-shirt, busily sat at the terminal.

    "Well-well-well, - thought Peter, - farewell settings, forgiving, money on deposit." Having expelled child, Peter checked the amount. So it is - does not converge. No time to realize what is happening, checked the transaction - wow! Five trades in a row! This in his practice has not yet happened. Glancing confused look from the screen, then at his son, Peter was able to utter a single word:
    - How?
    - There's a simple menu like in the game. I read the description, and decided to play. I did not know that it is real!

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